Human Rights Statement

Echo is committed to developing a culture that aims to protect and advance human rights, as stated in the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

As a top 3PL and a leader within the industry, Echo attracts a diverse base of employees who are highly skilled. Echo’s primary human rights focus areas are around maintaining a corporate culture that fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace and ensuring the health and safety of our workforce. We set our human rights commitments in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct so that it is readily available to all employees.

Corporate Culture

Echo is a relationship-focused company in a continually evolving industry. We aim to keep up with the changes of our business, but also the evolution of our workforce. We’re committed not only to being an industry-leading 3PL, but to being a leader in best-in-class employment practices. Echo provides a variety of wellness resources aimed at promoting employee health and well-being. In addition to standard benefit plans, Echo offers an Employee Assistance Program, company paid Short-Term Disability, Parental Leave, Gympass, and Zest Health. 

We know our greatest asset is our employee base who work hard to provide unparalleled service to our clients, carriers, and business partners. Echo fosters high career growth opportunities, and we are quick to develop and promote from within. We count on our employees to provide input into how we shape our culture; it was our employees who developed Echo’s five foundational values:


We know that success isn't permanent and that complacency is the fastest way to become irrelevant. Because of this, we are always looking for a better way, a better solution, or a better approach. We always ask the question, “How can we make something better?” because we feel drawn to try solutions that haven't been tried before. We look for reasons new ideas will work rather than reasons why they won't. Sometimes we may fail, but that only inspires us to find new solutions.


Bring Your Own—Passion. Energy. Enthusiasm. Drive. We insist on making the most of each day because we have the ultimate renewable energy source: passion. Combine the tools and environment with what each team member brings to the table and you go from aspiration to achievement.


Integrity means expecting more from ourselves, even when no one is looking. It's not just a corporate responsibility … it's a personal one. We value being honest and transparent even when the unexpected happens.


An individual is never as strong as the entire team. We know that teamwork is the fuel that allows us to achieve results that we never could have achieved alone. So we depend on each other, always have each other's back, and celebrate each other's wins.


The journey from average to awesome begins with work ethic. It's what keeps us pushing through when others simply give up. While our tenacity defines us, hustle is how we stop talking about ideas and actually make something happen. We do whatever we have to do until we reach our goals because we know that's the only way to be extraordinary.

Echo’s Core Human Rights Principles

Diversity and Inclusion

At Echo, we believe diverse teams deliver the best results. Together with our employees, we strive to build an inclusive culture that values, supports, and amplifies the diverse voices of our employees. In support of our inclusion initiatives, we promote four employee-led resource groups specifically focused on Diversity & Inclusion, including groups for Women, Veterans, LGBTQIAA, and BIPOC:

  • Women at Echo
  • Military Employee Interest Group
  • Echo PRIDE
  • Diversity & Inclusion at Echo

We know that diverse and inclusive companies have proven to perform better against their peers. More importantly, doing what’s right is a core value at Echo, and we believe creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work is the right thing to do.


We believe that everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of their background. Echo provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment, interns, and volunteers based on their actual or perceived: race (including traits historically associated with race, such as hair texture and protective hairstyles, including braids, locks, and twists), ethnicity, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status (including registered domestic partnership status), sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and related medical conditions), gender (including gender identity and expression), age, sexual orientation, military and veteran status, and any other consideration protected by federal, state, or local law (sometimes referred to collectively as “protected characteristics”).

We do not tolerate discrimination and harassment in the workplace and are committed to fostering an environment where reporting such issues feels safe and welcomed. Retaliation is strictly prohibited. We provide regular harassment trainings to all employees and management.

Child Labor

Echo prohibits the use of child labor. We fully respect all applicable laws establishing a minimum age for employment in order to support the effective abolition of child labor worldwide.

Forced Labor

Echo rejects the use of forced labor in all its forms, including prison or debt bondage labor, trafficking, and the lodging of deposits or identity papers by employers or by outside recruiters.

There shall be no unreasonable restrictions on workers’ freedom of movement in any of Echo’s facilities, in addition to any unreasonable restrictions being placed on entering or exiting Echo’s facilities.

Collective Bargaining

Echo respects the right of all its workers to form or not to form and to join or not to join a trade union of its own choosing, engage in peaceful assembly, and bargain collectively in accordance with the law. Workers and their representatives shall be free to openly communicate and share ideas and concerns with management without fear of discrimination, reprisal, intimidation, or harassment.


Echo abides by all laws and regulations regarding pay practices and the classification of employment according to job level and status.

Health and Safety

Echo is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment that is free from violence, harassment, intimidation, and other unsafe or disruptive conditions. We regularly review, maintain, and enforce our Health & Safety and Harassment policies, along with providing regular harassment training to employees and management.


Echo prohibits corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.


This policy applies to all directors, officers, and employees of Echo Global Logistics, and any other affiliated entities or persons performing work on behalf of the company.

Echo expects those with whom it does business to respect all human rights. We expect our business partners to know what Echo stands for with regard to our commitment to human rights. To that effect, the Human Rights Policy is published publicly with access to anyone.


Echo Human Resources retains responsibility relating to the updates and maintenance of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Human Resources is also responsible for the dissemination of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, conducting required trainings, and ensuring compliance.

Echo’s Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee monitors emerging trends and changes that may necessitate a modification to this Human Rights Statement.